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Bagamoyo Beach and Holidays

The name Bagamoyo is derivered from the word Bwagamoyo which means ‘Here I throw down my heart‘, reflecting the desperation and despair of the ‘broken heart’ captive whose voyage into the unknown begun here.Some 70km north of heaven of peace on the coast opposite the southern tip of Zanzibar.It was the former capital of German East Africa and another eight UNESCO world heritage sites. While in Bagamoyo you will have a chance to visit old prison where slaves were herded through underground tunnels to waiting dhow, the Mission museum with a wonderful collection of photographs, the wonders of msalabani where there is undried water, old German tombs at Mwanamakuka beach, the school of Art while here you will enjoy live show drama and a hundred of precious beaches.


Around Bagamoyo you will find allot of wonderful beaches around the Indian Ocean, includes Padeco Beach, Msalabani and School of Art beach. Along the beaches you will enjoy the fishermen and many good attractions.


Is about 5kms to the south of Bagamoyo, at Kaole are the ruins of a once prosperous Arab town, which was forced into decline by the arrival of the Portuguese in the 15th century include two mosques one with a well and over 20 tombs. All the buildings, including a house, were built in carved coral stone blocks.

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